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Watchmen Watchers: A podcast dedicated to HBO's Watchmen

Nov 26, 2019

Wow another 5 blueberry episode! The three minutemen, Len, John and Gaz have been left blown away by this latest instalment of the series. We journey with Angela through Will Reeves memories and what we find is not only interesting but the way the episode is constructed is a thing of beauty. Let us know your thoughts...

Nov 18, 2019

Is this the best episode of the season? We think so! The three Minutemen are back and we dissect this excellent hour of television that gives a deeper look into the Squid event in 85 as well as one of our favourite characters in Looking Glass! Let us know your thoughts you can email us or...

Nov 11, 2019

Episode 4 continues the excellent start to this show whilst introducing a fascinating new character. The Three Minutemen are reunited once again to break down this episode for you and all the comic easter eggs. If you have enjoyed please do subscribe and leave us a review. You can email us your theories and thoughts at

Nov 4, 2019

Does the Watchmen momentum continue into episode 3? Again we're down to two Minutemen, as John can't be with us today, so Len and Gaz break down the intriguing third episode of HBO's Watchmen. This episode sees the introduction of Laurie Blake, some questionable joke-telling and some blue... items. We'd love to hear...